SDG 6| Clean Water and Sanitation

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Although humans cannot live without water, many countries struggle to provide a clean water supply.  CUHK endeavours to incorporate sustainability in every aspect of campus life and ensure the sustainable use of water resources.  Water conservation is built into the university’s daily operations.  Clean drinking water is provided free of charge on campus, and is easily accessible.


5 related courses were offered in the 2021–22 academic year.

Water usage and care

CUHK is both the largest and greenest university in Hong Kong, with over 60% of its campus covered in vegetation.  Irrigation is a significant challenge, which the University is determined to fully overcome.  Water is used for irrigation, cleaning, washing, showering, cooking and filling the university’s swimming pool.  CUHK completed a water treatment plant  in 2012, which enables Weiyuan Lake (Lake Ad Excellentiam) to supply the University’s water needs beyond irrigation.  The lake can supply up to 1,100 cubic metres of water each day (after treatment) for campus irrigation and cleaning and servicing the cooling system.

Complementing the University’s sustainable campus development, CUHK Jockey Club Postgraduate Halls 2 & 3  embedded water conservation measures in their building design.  The water saving features include rainwater and grey water harvest systems, and twin tanks that provide an uninterrupted fresh and flushing water supply to building users during maintenance.

Provision of free drinking water

CUHK students, staff and caterers have been working together to go ‘plastic-free’ and build a sustainable and green campus.  Sixteen Go Green Water Stations were installed in 2021.  The University now has more than 90 water stations on its campus, which provide free drinking water.  This encourages a ‘Bring Your Own’ culture and promotes a ‘Plastic-free Campus’ to reduce waste at source.


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