Message from the Chief Sustainability Officer

Sustainability is not an abstract concept, but a global issue that directly impacts our present and future.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong embraces the vision of people, social, and  environmental and economic harmonies in the pursuit of sustainability. As one of Hong Kong’s pioneering universities, CUHK has local, national and global social responsibilities, which are incorporated in the vision of the University. We have been actively engaged in nurturing sustainability-minded, socially empowered university members who are vocal on the issue and ready to translate novel ideas into action.

Sustainable Development Matters is a multi-faceted platform, which encapsulates in thoughtful and engaging features the efforts and achievements of the CUHK community in driving sustainability in the 2020s.

The energetic and programmatic participation of the CUHK community on all fronts in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) embodies the University’s holistic approach to meeting the grand challenge of sustainability. We hope that you enjoy these features and that they provide food for thought and inspiration for incorporating the SDGs into our everyday lives.

Cecilia Lam
Chief Sustainability Officer
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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