SDG 10 | Reduced Inequalities

Reduce inequality within and among countries

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Measures Against Discrimination

The University’s admission policy is committed to the promotion of equal opportunity. University admissions are based on merit, using consistent selection criteria, and are directed towards the selection of students who have the academic competence and motivation to benefit from the programmes they intend to follow.

As a caring university, CUHK seeks to promote a positive learning environment for its students and is committed to offering equal opportunities in academic pursuits for students with disabilities in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Ordinance.

Teaching and research


Helping Struggling Children Readers

Struggling readers are children who have difficulty learning how to read. They may have trouble recognising letters and learning which sounds the letters make. A free massive open online course (MOOC) called ‘Teaching Struggling Readers around the World’ was launched in 2019 for teachers, caregivers, and other interested parties all over the world who are teaching struggling readers. Its content is based on research on literacy from around the world, much of which is detailed in two books authored by the course designer, Professor Catherine McBride. The first run of the course was completed with great success. Nearly 7,500 students around the globe enrolled to learn about teaching reading and to share ideas about their own experience with struggling readers.


Same-sex Marriage in Hong Kong

Though approved by law in Taiwan and other places, same-sex marriage does not have statutory status in Hong Kong. To gauge public views on the legalisation of same-sex marriage and the rights that same-sex couples should enjoy, the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies conducted a survey in 2019. Of 726 respondents, 47% endorsed same-sex marriage in Hong Kong, while 39.5% disagreed with the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Hong Kong.

CUHK Initiatives


Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

Shaw College strives to cultivate cultural diversity and inclusion in the college community and facilitate student development. The Enabling S.H.A.W. project facilitates the College’s Cultural Integration Programme, overseas learning projects, staff training, administration, and many other projects. The project has four orientations – System, Humane, Appreciation, and We>I – and three primary objectives: (a) to enhance the system and processes to facilitating student learning and development, as well as college administration; (b) to cultivate diversity and inclusion in the college community; and (c) to align the goals, principles and processes for key student and management issues.

Shaw College was honoured with The 2019 Platinum Facilitation Impact Award, becoming the first Hong Kong organisation to receive the highest award from the International Association of Facilitators.


Supporting an Under-represented Group

CUHK enables full-time students with disabilities to actively engage in campus life and facilitates their learning. The Support Services for Students with Disabilities unit coordinates and arranges support services according to their individual needs: e.g. learning aids and equipment, on-campus Rehabus service, special lecture or exam arrangements, access to buildings and IT facilities, and hostel accommodations. To promote disability awareness among the campus community, the support unit also organizes educational activities and training programmes for students and staff.


Mutual Care on Campus

The Sunshine at CUHK campaign invites all CUHK members to become ‘CU Angels’ by hanging out the ‘CU Angel’ sign to tell the students around them that they are ready and willing to listen to their troubles. More workshops will be held to provide the necessary know-how to teaching staff and frontline colleagues to recognise problems.


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure



Sustainable Cities and Communities

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