SDG 16 | Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

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Academic Freedom 

The University stands fast in upholding the principles of free speech and academic freedom. Members of the University have complete freedom to engage in academic discussions on any topics. They should express their views through peaceful, rational, respectful and legal means, and take responsibility for their words and deeds.


Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Ensuring equal opportunities, valuing diversity, and promoting a culture of inclusion is vital to the realization of the core values of CUHK and should be pursued in all practices of the university community.

CUHK Initiatives


Promoting an Inclusive Culture That Values Diversity

CUHK is a diverse, multicultural and innovative university. It is imperative that all students, faculty and staff are valued, respected and provided with equal opportunities so that all can rise to their highest capacity. Thus, the University is committed to building a fair, diverse and truly inclusive university community for all, where the perspectives of each and every member of the University are welcomed and can be robustly debated, and where students and staff can make a great contribution in an environment that is safe, warm and nurturing.

The Diversity and Inclusion Office was established in July 2020. It supports the University’s commitment to fostering and maintaining a culture and environment of diversity and inclusion, including handling complaints under the purview of the anti-discrimination ordinance.


Education against Sexual Harassment

The University established the Committee against Sexual Harassment and formulated the Policy Against Sexual Harassment. The Committee initiated a sponsorship programme that encourages individual CUHK students, staff and student unions and associations to organize activities that promote understanding of the issues in relation to the prevention of sexual harassment. The aim of the funded activities is to enhance awareness among the CUHK community, including staff and students, of the need to eliminate sexual harassment and foster a positive attitude towards gender equality and mutual respect.

The Committee organises engagement activities, including online quizzes, training modules, talks, workshops, seminars, courses and exhibitions, to raise the awareness of staff and students about behaviour that may constitute sexual harassment and to provide them with a good understanding of the University’s policies and procedures to prevent sexual harassment.


Life on Land

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Partnerships for the Goals

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