SDG 8| Decent Work and Economic Growth

Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all

CUHK is dedicated to creating a safe, positive, and productive work environment for all staff. We are committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders through innovative initiatives that provide invaluable opportunities for our students to develop the professional knowledge and necessary skills for success in today’s global market. By fostering talent and promoting economic sustainability, CUHK is contributing to shaping a brighter future for Hong Kong and beyond.


46 related courses were offered in the 2022–23 academic year.


The University prioritizes the provision of a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. This commitment is reflected in its Safety Policy, which emphasizes the occupational health and safety of all CUHK members. The University also offers safety information and training sessions to enhance safety awareness on campus.

The university is committed to upholding its Outsourcing Policy, which requires all units to exercise due care when considering outsourcing proposals. It is essential that proper mechanisms are in place to select and monitor the performance of contractors and to ensure that workers are treated fairly and paid justly.

Providing cross-border learning experience and work placements for students

Hong Kong and Shenzhen are key international cities in the Greater Bay Area, known for their significant advancements in global commerce, finance, and innovative technology. To cultivate outstanding talent, CUHK has collaborated with CUHK(Shenzhen) to offer a double major programme that enables students to study at both campuses. The four-year study programme allows students to arrange two years of study flexibly at each campus, providing opportunities for learning, research, and field trips. Students can also gain valuable internship experience at leading institutions in both regions.

Nurturing entrepreneurship

In 2022, CUHK nurtured 13 start-up teams through the Youth Entrepreneurship Assistant Scheme, WeVenture – ‘MAKE a DASH’ in CUHK, and assisted young CUHK entrepreneurs in establishing a presence in the Greater Bay Area and developing their businesses in Mainland China. Financially supported by the ‘Funding Scheme for Youth Entrepreneurship in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’, the programme provides one-on-one mentor matching to help start-ups translate their innovative ideas into sustainable social or business opportunities. It also assists them in seeking investment and exploring business collaboration with industry partners.


Affordable and Clean Energy



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